by Marie Sly


DETROIT, The National Roller Hockey League (NRHL) announced today that Alkali Verbero Hockey will be the exclusive skate partner of the league, ensuring that all players will be skating on either Alkali or Verbero skates.

Joe Cook, Chief Operating Officer for Alkali Verbero Hockey, said, “We are very excited to partner up with The National Roller Hockey League to be the exclusive skate partner.”  Cook went on to say, “the NRHL is a league and a direction for roller hockey that is very much needed – they are positioning themselves to be the pinnacle of the sport, which is what drives kids to pick up a pair of skates, drives buildings to form adult leagues and drives parents to realize that roller is an option, not just ice.”

Representatives from Alkali Verbero Hockey will be at the NRHL Combines, the first of which is held November 1-3 at Joe Dumars Fieldhouse in Shelby Township, Michigan (Detroit area) and the second will be December 27-29 at Midwest Sport Hockey in Ballwin, Missouri (St. Louis).  “We will work with every attendee of the NRHL Combines to determine their best fit skate, whether it’s Alkali or Verbero, and once rosters are announced, we will deliver those skates to the teams so the players are ready to rock on the best skates out there,” noted Cook.

“We are beyond excited to have Joe and the crew at Alkali Verbero Hockey come on board to be the exclusive skate partner of the NRHL.  I’ve known Joe for a long time, all the way back to our collegiate hockey days and with the quality of the product, the top notch staff and the confidence that being on Alkali and Verbero skates will give our players, this was all just a no brainer for us,” noted Bob Clouston, Commissioner and Co-Founder of the NRHL.

This partnership will give all NRHL players the chance to work with the staff at Alkali Verbero to ensure they are on the best boot for their foot shape and playing style.  The Alkali skates are moldable, have hard construction quarters with full composite outsoles and magnesium chassis. Verbero skates offer a 100% carbon fiber skate, including both chassis and boot.  Alkali Verbero will also have a rolling retail outlet at every NRHL home game, offering the same level of fitting and product expertise to the fans that the NRHL professional roller hockey players have access to.

“When Bobby called me and told me they wanted to partner with Alkali Verbero, it truly was a no-brainer – their vision and plan are solid.  They are going into mid-sized buildings so that they have the ability to create the atmosphere that will bring the fans back, that will fire up the players and that will make everyone, fans and players, want to come back for more,” said Cook.  “For me to see Bobby and Matt (Wiedenhoeft, President and Co-Founder of NRHL) doing this the right way, with building leases, salary caps, ownership teams, and staff, made me want to be a part of the NRHL from the first time the players walk into the building.”

Registration is open for the NRHL Combines, however space is becoming increasingly limited.  The Combines will consist of one practice with their designated team, run by members of the NRHL team coaching staff, along with four games scouted by every head coach and various staff members from across the League.  There will also be professional trainers on site to test and evaluate every player.  Along with all of that, the NRHL will have representatives on site from Alkali Verbero Hockey to fit and measure for the player’s preferred boot, representatives from glove, helmet and other various equipment manufacturers so that when a player is named to a roster, all of their equipment will be ready and waiting for them when they walk into their new roller hockey home.  

The National Roller Hockey League is the only professional inline hockey league in North America and has teams in Detroit, St. Louis, Port Huron, and Grand Rapids.  For more information or to register for the 2019 NRHL Combines, visit our website at and find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.